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The Woodlander No.26 newsletter is being delivered by hand now, and will reach you just as soon as your busy volunteer distributor can manage it alongside his/her own Christmas preparations! In the meantime you can read it on-line below. "Access for all" (p.5) explains the reasons why BWT will soon be designating an area where dogs need to be walked on leads.

The Dog on Leads rule will begin in 2015, as soon as new gates and notices are in place around the area in question

The 2014 Annual General Meeting was held in September. Read or download the AGM Minutes

Recent high winds have sadly broken a Turkey Oak near Tudor Park. Fortunately this was the only significant damage!

Our celebration of ten years of BWT was a very popular event, with a falconry display, also archery and tractor rides across the Lilk stream

A splendid variety of stalls with food and handicrafts, as well as two ice cream vans, had been organised by Barbara Dunford of Kent Community Events

And music from Mick's Hot Lick's added to the festive atmosphere!

Holy Cross choir processed through our woodland on Palm Sunday

You can now follow a loop walk round the 10 acres bequeathed to the trust by Miss Pauline Moore.

And rest halfway round on the new memorial seat!

Riders Wood. In December 2013 sizeable teams of volunteers completed new planting on the new land .

Blossom and wild flowers were lovely in Summer 2013!

Bark in the Park was a doggy event on the BWT land in May 2013

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