Annual meeting 2018

The Annual General Meeting this year will be held on Sunday 30th September at 2:30pm in the clubhouse of Bearsted Bowls Club, opposite our main entrance in Church Landway. The bar will be available from 2:00pm.

Minutes from the 2017 AGM are on the BWT website

1. Welcome and Introductory Remarks: John Wale and Sharon Bayne 
2. Reports for the year 2017/18
a. Acting Treasurer's Report and Audited Statement of Accounts
b. Maintenance and Projects
c. Management Plan: Special Points Arising
d. Trees and Benches: Sponsorship Policy
e. Membership
f.  Newsletter
g. Visits and Outreach
h. Green Flag Inspection 2018
3. Report from Trustees
4. Questions from Friends and Any Other Business.