2020, Rot Damages Sculptures

When the Turkey Oak fell in 2014, the main trunk had solid wood above the break, and this is what Steve Andrews used for the carvings in November 2015. Three owls were carved on the standing section of trunk, with another flying above.   Over the years, weathering and fungal decay set in, and following recent storms, part of the trunk collapsed.

One of the owls was smashed internally against the harder wood, causing irreparable damage, but thankfully the two other owls are intact, together with the badger, the hare and the fairy steps.

The supporting stem of the “flying owl” was acting as a cantilever, and sadly part of this support had rotted, and the structure was becoming dangerous. The owl was removed intact, but all the decayed wood which had originally supported it has had to be removed.  BWT is hoping to reposition the flying owl in a safe and secure way