Fungi; Giant Puffballs

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Anonymous (not verified)
Fungi; Giant Puffballs

Giant Puffball mushrooms generally appear in warm weather in the autumn during a rainstorm.  These two got a bit confused and popped up early in the morning of Tuesday, May 31 - when it rained and rained and rained.  I am pretty sure they are Giant Puffballs, which are edible but entirely tasteless; the slugs have had a go at these two already!

Coming up from the bridge into Barn Meadow, just before the path splits, they are in the long grass next to the hedgerow,

just before the big Hawthorne. The goat stables are behind to the left.

Claire Browne (not verified)
Fungi; Giant Puffballs

Ten days later, original puffballs have been pretty much eaten by slugs.   They are a dirty yellow.   However, last Monday (6 days ago) when it rained very hard, five new puffballs popped up very near to the original ones.   Also, some little brown mushrooms just between the fallen oak and the Ashford Road fence.   It has rained hard again tonight, so I am looking forward to seeing what else pops up.

David Vowles (not verified)
Giant Puffballs

I noticed the Giant Puffballs are back in just about the same location. One larger one, still very white and a few smaller ones growing quickly nearby. Just looked them up and interesting note - they have up to 7 trillion spores, more potential progeny then any other living thing!