Months; What to watch out for in July

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Months; What to watch out for in July

Wildflower Meadow:  there is a lovely little bit of wildflower meadow at the far end of Moore's Meadow where the rabbits have mown the grass short:  buttercups, white clover, self-heal (the purple stuff), a kind of woodruff, and butter-and-eggs.   There are also a few very late speedwell, and several yellow members of the dandelion family.   

Also, a good crop of ragrwort; lime trees are flowering; first thistles and burdock.

Grasses:   Lots of grasses in flower now, in all shades of cream to beige to Weetabix, some palest grey-purple, and a lovely short grass with flowerheads like inch-long bottle brushes, in exactly the same lilac as the thistles.

Butterflies:  the first butterflies are out now.  It has been mostly too cold and wet for them.   According to my book, there are 60 different species of butterfly in Britain, of which 37 are brown!   No wonder they are a bit hard to identify as they dash about!

Also, the most enormous mole hill in Moore's Meadow.