Family planting day planned for BWT’s Jubilee Wood

A family planting day is set to be organised for later this year as Bearsted Woodland Trust (BWT) awaits delivery of the trees that will form its new Jubilee Wood.

Fifty trees are on order to complete the 70-tree Jubilee Wood. They include various species of cherry, silver birch, rowan, crab apple and other native species.  

BWT’s earlier plans for 70 cherry trees were abandoned because of the disease risk associated with single species planting.  Each of the 70 trees will be available for sponsorship.

The wood will be sited next to BWT’s new car parking area off the Ashford Road (A20). Preparatory work for the car parking area began in February, while the ground was still soft. volunteers were able to lay CellPave plastic mesh matting on top of the grass and press it in with the help of a heavy roller.  The rolled in mesh provides a robust parking surface but allows the grass to grow through it.

Maintenance volunteers have also planted mixed hedging whips around the boundary and these are now in leaf. The landscaping will incorporate other features to encourage wild life such as log piles and dry hedging and long-distance views will be preserved.

No opening date can be set for the car park until Maidstone Borough Council approve the construction management plan for widening our existing entrance off the A20.