Friends' Sponsorship (temporarily suspended)

Over 14 years, Bearsted Woodland Trust have arranged sponsorship by members of about 450 trees and 64 benches!  

No more benches are needed now, and tree planting has so greatly diminished that we cannot find enough trees, old or new, for the demand. 

It was announced to Friends at the 2018 Annual Meeting that sponsorship was suspended from 1st October 2018 for two years.

The Committee's decision about whether to allow sponsorship again will be announced at the 2020 AGM in September.

Originally, when our trees were small seedlings, our plaques had to be attached to stumps in the ground. 

Now, after more than ten years, many of the the stumps have rotted, so we are gradually removing them and supplying new plaques which can be hung on the actual trees whose girth is now sufficient to make this possible without damaging the tree. Attaching the plaques to mature trees protects them from damage from tractors and strimmers.

We are continually trying to improve the lasting quality of the plaques we provide, without incurring too much additional cost.  The oval ones we now use were agreed by our committee two years ago, and we replace damaged ones as necessary.

BWT keep a full inventory plan of all sponsored trees and benches.