Birds; Wagtails

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Anonymous (not verified)
Birds; Wagtails

Earlier in the year I saw a pair of Grey Wagtails several times around the old sandschool in Moore meadow when it had plenty of rainwater puddles.

Now it is dry it seems to attract Pied Wagtails. 

I think this is probably a male Pied Wagtail. mostly black and white, and below is  maybe a female with  more grey on the back.

David Vowles (not verified)
Grey Wagtail

Caught a photo of Grey Wagtail by the Lilk stream a few weeks ago. Well camouflaged among the leaves at the waterside, but the egg-yellow colouring under the tail and grey back is clear. 

Website Editor
Grey Wagtail

That's a delightful photo! Many thanks, David! I'm going to looking more carefully in future as I cross the Lilk.