Eliminating Rubbish

Rubbish spoils our natural woodland. Please find a bin for yours, or take it home with you!

Bins (for sweet papers, picnic wrappers, drinks cans, and dog waste bags) can be found at the Church entrance, in the Church car park, on the Ashford Road at the southern end of the Church Landway, on the Ashford Road by the entrance at Gore Cottage and at our Roundwell gate (photos below)  There is also a bin at the junction of Sutton Street and Roundwell.

Please note that in January 2020 MBC had to move the bin by the main entrance because of access difficulties. The nearest are in the Church car park and at the southern end of the Church Landway

Ashford Road at southern end of Church Landway bin

Church car park bin

Church entrance bin

Ashford Road at Gore Cottage bin

Roundwell bin

If you cannot find a bin, PLEASE don't drop picnic wrappers, dog-waste bags or other litter on the grass or hang them in trees.  Other people don't find them decorative!

You can report litter, graffiti, dog fouling or damage to the children's playground to Bearsted Parish Council by texting 07917 62 42 78 or emailing the Parish Clerk.