Timeline 2015 - 2020

The Ordnance Survey for 2004 shows the BWT land crossed by three public footpaths:-

Running east from Holy Cross Church to Roundwell crossing the Lilk stream at the top end of Major's Lake below Gore Cottage.
Running south east from the first path along the line of the Old Avenue to meet the Ashford Road on the western side of Major's Lakes.
Running south from Sutton Street to the Ashford Road opposite Tudor Park Hotel. 


  • The Willson Avenue path surface was improved in April.
  • Bernard Head, Founder Trustee and Treasurer, died in July.
  • Volunteer hours for BWT totalled 5,247 a year.
  • A portrait of Pauline Moore by Sorel Bagge was donated to BWT by Caroline Chanter.
  • A donation from Bearsted Active Retirement Association of £140
  • Old farm machinery in Moore Meadow was made safe for display.
  • Slow worms from Dartford were re-homed in Moore Meadow.
  • Birds and animals were carved in Turkey Oak in memory of Bernard Head in November
  • A new gate was installed at the Roundwell entrance.
  • Newsletters 27 and 28 were published. No.27 was John Wale's final issue. Judy Buckley edited No.28 with Moira Mitchell, and Paul Street designed it. 


  • This website was rebuilt by Judy Buckley and re-launched in January with a search box and logging in facility for sharing nature notes.
  • A new "off lead" corridor between the church and the Lilk stream path was created for dog walkers, with new gates to the restricted area.
  •  An experimental guided nature walk was arranged in May.
  • A dog show in Main Field was organised by Maidstone Borough Council in June.
  • The BWT stall at Bearsted Fayre included a raffle of a wooden platter made from the Turkey Oak, and a nature table.
  • The Green Man was carved on a broken ash tree in Moore Meadow.
  • Newsletters 29 and 30 were distributed to Friends. 


  • In March a charity run organised by the Stroke Association had to be cancelled for safety reasons after very heavy overnight rain.
  • In April new picnic tables were set up in Main Field.
  • The "dogs on leads" area was regretfully abandoned for lack of support.
  • New request notices about dog control were placed and gates removed.
  • Maidstone Borough Council changed the rubbish collection arrangements.
  • John Wale and Sharon Bayne succeeded Richard Ashness as co-Chairs of the Management Committee which was joined by Judy Buckley and Adrian Bouwens.
  • In December Steve Andrews carved the horse in Riders Wood
  • Newsletters 31 and 32 were distributed to Friends.


  • In June KCC repaired the board walk by the bridge, dislodged by flash floods
  • Tudor park staff returned to help improve woodland paths
  • Sponsoring was suspended for two years (after 450 trees and 64 benches)
  • Plaques on posts were gradually being changed to new ones fixed to maturer trees.
  • Newsletters 33 and 34 were distributed to Friends


  • In June the Tractor Barn, Tennis and Bowls Clubs, were broken into and some BWT maintenance equipment was stolen.
  • In July six Fitness Stations were installed in the Main Field
  • Bearsted Parish Council and ten local businesses contributed to the cost of the Fitness Trail.
  • In April Steve Andrews, who skilfully created our owls, green man and horse, died suddenly on 24th April at work, aged only 46.
  • In September a memorial plaque to woodland sculptor Steve Andrews was fixed under his horse in Riders Wood
  • Newsletters 35 and 36 were distributed to Friends and Judy Buckley retired as Newsletter Editor.
  • Some original fencing was replaced in November.


  • In March, during the Covid 19 pandemic, BWT land remained open, but the Maintenance Team (who are mostly retired and therefore deemed vulnerable) stopped work, in accordance with Government instructions.
  • In June the Maintenance Team began work again, with very careful distancing and contact rules.
  • Cyril the snake was built by local children with painted stones in the Oak Avenue.
  • In early September Woodlander No.37, edited by Barbara Long, and delayed because of lock down, was delivered to Friends. 
  • On 30th September, sadly, the rotten condition of the fallen turkey oak in Moore Meadow caused some of the woodland sculptures to collapse, and the flying owl had to be cut down for safety reasons.
  • In future sponsorship of trees will only be possible for Life Members who joined before September 2020.
  • In November and December the canopy was raised in Oak Avenue.
  • Wild flowers were sown in several areas.
  • Dry hedges were created in Church Meadow as wildlife habitat.

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