Tree and bench sponsorship at BWT

Bearsted Woodland Trust (BWT) was created to be an area of natural woodland, rather than a memorial park.

Over the past 14 years BWT has benefitted from the sponsorship of more than 450 trees and around 65 benches. To sponsor a tree you need to become a Life Member of BWT. If you wish to sponsor a tree please contact us

However, BWT is not currently in a position to offer bench sponsorship opportunities.


Sponsored trees: decoration

Because BWT was created to be an area of natural woodland, we ask all tree sponsors not to decorate trees with large objects. Small tokens may be placed on trees temporarily but should be removed after seven days. Failure to remove small tokens will mean they will be collected by BWT maintenance teams and may be destroyed. 

Sponsored trees: plaques

When our trees were seedlings, plaques had to be attached to stumps in the ground. 

Now, after more than fifteen years, many of the the stumps have rotted, so we are gradually removing them and supplying new plaques which can be hung on the actual trees, whose girth is now sufficient to make this possible without damaging the tree. This also protects plaques being damaged by strimmers cutting grass. We are continually trying to improve the lasting quality of the plaques we provide.


BWT keep a full inventory plan of all sponsored trees and benches.