Trees and Hedges

BWT have planted so many yards of carefully mixed hedges, that for the last few years they have been cut by a contractor.

From the beginning BWT have restored neglected existing areas of woodland like The Sanctuary near the main gate to the north of the track, containing the trees which Ward Homes felled in 2003.  This is an important part of the BWT site, which holds special significance, and it will decline unless action is taken to save it.The cynical destruction of this area and the outcry which followed was the catalyst which led Richard and Dena Ashness to purchase the land to save it, and which ultimately resulted in the formation of the Bearsted Woodland Trust. The rest, as they say, is history! Some of the old trees damaged by Ward Homes have to be removed, and new young trees planted in the gaps, to take the place of the old ones when they eventually die off. This work began in Autumn 2008 and will be phased over several years, opening only small pockets at any one time.  

Pollarding is a traditional way of managing willows, which respond well to this type of cutting, and during the winter of 2009/10 willows behind the roller bench were pollarded. They will regrow to form dense shrubby plants excellent for bird cover, and the resulting trees will live longer.  So don't worry if you notice that some trees have been felled, because this time it is for a positive reason!


New Planting.  Between the formation of BWT and March 2007 over 2,000 trees and hedge seedlings were planted. The first planting phase, which included The Oak Avenue took place in November 2004 when 200 woodland and 50 individual trees were sponsored, and planted by over 150 volunteers. 

The second phase in Autumn 2005 added 87 large trees and 58 boundary trees, the work again being done by volunteers. Working parties in Autumn 2006 planted 60 individually sponsored trees and countless boundary trees and shrubs in just 6 days. In January 2007 we planted over 1,500 trees and hedging plants on the south side of the People's Wood and new hedges round the Gore Cottage paddock. A "wildlife shrubbery" has been planted next to the People's Wood, and hedgerows and some specimen trees have been planted in Barn Meadow. 

Riders Wood in Moore Meadow was planted in the winter of 2016.

By Autumn 2018 540 trees had been sponsored and sponsorship was suspended.