Woodland sculptures

We were all very sad to learn that talented chain-saw carver Steve Andrews, who created our woodland sculptures in Moore Meadow, died suddenly at work on 24th April 2019, aged only 46, leaving a widow and three children. This plaque in his memory was added below the horse in Riders Wood in October the same year.

Steve carved our first woodland sculptures in memory of Bernard Head in 2015. Sadly his designs (in dead wood) do not last for ever. The Turkey Oak was very old and very rotten, so even treatment with special oils did not stop collapse aftre just under five years.

Here is Steve with his Green Man, carved in 2016. 

And working on his horse in Riders Wood in December 2017. 

We treat the sulptures with special oil from time to time, as Steve advised, to stop them drying out too fast, but the basic material is dead wood, so they inevitably deteriorate with time and weather. 

We hope they will remain to be enjoyed for as long as possible!